Jan 11, 2011

Efficiency, in fitness and business

Efficiency is a great metaphor for summarizing the transition from 2010 to 2011.
I plan personally to become more efficient physically this year, by dieting, losing weight, increasing regular exercise. Making the most of the energy I input, reducing the fatty waste, and outputting even more energy as a result.

While working at General Electric I was trained in six-sigma methodologies, a relentless drive to reduce time and cost while keeping quality high. Six sigma provides excellent workshop, project management, and mathematical techniques for improving efficiency.

A consulting firm or advertising agency also needs to think about efficiency as well. Keeping costs within check while still delivering the best thinking, innovative processes, and high quality creative. In six sigma jargon, those are the critical to qualities. Process, milestones, and metrics are the way to insure the high quality stays or improves as you get efficient.

However, do not forget the investments. An efficient engine still needs fuel to grow and innovate. Note the WSJ article on how major ad agencies are growing their training investments in 2011,

So invest time (and money) in that better exercise regimen and workout for your personal fitness. Also, wisely invest in digital innovation knowledge and apply it.