May 1, 2010

Facebook as the new homepage - Thoughts on Juverderm

Increasingly, healthcare companies are dabbling with some kind of presence on Facebook. The most impressive execution I've see thus far is the Facebook pages from Juvederm, an aesthetics product from Allergan.

The Juvederm Facebook presence is essentially an alternative home page, with extensive product information, a doctor finder, and before/after pictures. Also included is detail on a promotional campaign celebrity spokesperson (Dayna Devon). There is fair balance as well. Most of these Facebook panel sections actually click through to interior pages on the Juvederm website; making this Facebook an alternative home page, or perhaps thought of as a "landing page."

But the question arises, from where are people landing? That is, what is the beginning of the prospect's user experience that gets them to Facebook? Not clear from browsing around, but here are some potential examples:

* A 40-something Facebook user sees a friend's post and perhaps photos of a friend who describes taking juvederm, or the friend uses more general terms like "dermal filler." This can prompt our prospect to search within facebook, and call up the Juvederm presence

* An offline advertisement (print, TV, in office, out of home) says, "see us on Facebook," prompting a prospect to search there.

*An online referral right to facebook, from a website or even another Facebook presence.

Hopefully we will be able to measure the pathways similarly to how we can measure website referrers.

Thus it seems that Facebook is growing as an acquisition component. 30-somethings and 40-soemthings are using it increasingly. However, marketers are encouraged to not build another island, but think through the experience to get them there.